• March 5, 2022

Start with a vegetable garden. What do you need?

You have big plans to finally start your vegetable garden. For some time now you have been investigating the possibilities, what it will cost and what needs to be done to get started with the vegetable garden. The necessities for starting a vegetable garden depend on its size, what exactly you want to grow and how much time you want to put into it. If you’re just starting out, it might be better to start small. This way you can first learn the trade and then expand your vegetable garden with multiple plant species.

Do I need a greenhouse?
A greenhouse is recommended in most cases. The advantage of this is that the weather conditions are more stable in the greenhouse, so that you will have a better harvest. Owning a greenhouse allows you to grow several types of fruit and vegetables. For example, you can only grow cucumbers and tomatoes in a greenhouse. The weather in the Netherlands is too changeable and cold for these Mediterranean vegetables. In addition to purchasing a greenhouse, it may be necessary to purchase grow lighting. This allows you to give certain plant species the amount of sun they need and would not otherwise get. Whether you need grow lighting depends on what you want to grow.

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