• January 5, 2022

Create height differences in your garden

Height difference in your garden is a good way to bring dynamism to your garden. You can create a difference in height in different ways. For example, consider a raised terrace or a seating area. In this article I describe four ways to create height differences in your garden.

seating area
A seating pit is one of the ways to create height differences in your garden. With a seating pit you literally turn your terrace into a pit. This creates a cozy seat in your garden. You can choose to put separate benches in the pit, but it is also fun to process the benches in the stone. Do you also want to make a seating pit in your garden? Then there are two things you should definitely keep in mind. Before you dig, don’t forget to make a KLIC report. This is a notification that you must do before you start digging by machine. In addition to the KLIC notification, it is also important to take the drainage of the silage into account. This is important to prevent your sitting pit from turning into a pond after a while.

Raised terrace
Where you opt for a lower terrace for the seating area, you can also opt for a raised terrace. You choose to make your terrace higher in relation to the rest of your garden. In addition to creating dynamics in your garden, you also have a nice overview of your garden when you sit in your lounge set. To create a raised terrace you can use decking, but also, for example, stacking blocks.

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