• March 5, 2022

Start with a vegetable garden. What do you need?

You have big plans to finally start your vegetable garden. For some time now you have been investigating the possibilities, what it will cost and what needs to be done to get started with the vegetable garden. The necessities for starting a vegetable garden depend on its size, what exactly you want to grow and…

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A grow tent. What exactly is it and how do you set it up?

Do you dream of having your own vegetable garden, so that you always have fresh vegetables in stock? Then it is time to purchase a grow tent. The advantage of a grow tent is that it is a lot cheaper to purchase a grow greenhouse. In the Netherlands, a greenhouse or grow tent is almost…

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Create height differences in your garden

Height difference in your garden is a good way to bring dynamism to your garden. You can create a difference in height in different ways. For example, consider a raised terrace or a seating area. In this article I describe four ways to create height differences in your garden. seating area A seating pit is…

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